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1st In our case it is "Green". We try to keep a high environmental profile as possible. All communication, whether it be you as a customer or our partners is handled virtually all correspondence and other communications entirely electronically. The only exceptions are the certificate and insurance policy which is of course physical documents sent to you after the end of contract, and the valuable personal contacts that can only be done with the phone. In the electronic insurance policy that you receive via e-mail from us, comes with pay-in forms for BAVARIA YACHTVERSICHERUNG, so follow the instructions contained in the document. It's that easy.

2nd We can offer insurance for most types of sea voyages. Of course, for both sail and power boats / ships, whether it be on coastal waters or long trips type round-sailing.

3rd For you as a customer, it means a lot to us that you feel "harmony" between the condition and price. What exactly is a cheap insurance worth when an accident occurs and the insurance does not cover what you expected you.

4th If the accident is a fact, it means "Alpha Omega" for our customers that the matter be treated quickly and optimally applicable service and claims. We have skilled claims adjusters who are prepared to immediately grab just your thing.

5th Normally, you should have received an offer from the MIC within 2-3 business days.

6th For long trips or round-sailing for the insurance to flex up or down, after which you reach your milestones.

7th In the event that you suffer any injury, you should contact us immediately on our 24-hour emergency number Mobile: +45 29772125 or E-mail address: pls7@micboatservice.com to obtain the fastest possible processing time.

Some explanation of terms relating to the different types of insurance

ALLRISK POLICY - The total failure, the replacement amount is the same as is agreed in the policy, without the requirement of self-interest. The vesäntliga difference is that the compensation is not determined by the insured object's market value at the time of injury. This is for obvious reasons, the most attractive insurance type. Depending on the age of the boat, some restrictions exist.

MARKET VALUE - The Scandinavia most common insurance type. Maknadsvärdet governing compensation and this is a risk for the policyholder, then compensation can be much lower than expected

BARE BOAT CHARTER - A boat rented without the owner or representative of the owner has kommado over the boat.

Skippered CHARTER - A boat rented out under the command of the owner or his appointed commander. Normally, one has thus paying passengers.

COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE - This insurance type covers everything unless exceptions are specified in the policy.

Peril INSURANCE - Covers only the objects specified in the policy.

There are thus a number of different types of insurance. It's good that you know a bit about these different concepts when we play and discuss us to the best solution for your boat. As regards the costs of various basic insurance, so you could say that the premium is allocated as follows from cheapest to most expensive ...

Skippered charter
Bareboat Charter