Choosing insurance is not always easy. This may especially be true specialty insurance such as båtför insurance. Behind every insurance there alltis a philosophy of how to run his business. We are not so proud that the MIC found a good concept, and perhaps most importantly, good partners. We can offer insurance options with two of perhaps the best insurance companies in the marine sector. A company is never the best at everything. This is why you should contact us. We will match our companies against each other to find the uptimala insurance policy for your needs. The company will then be offered the opportunity to reassure you right.

We have long cooperation with BAVARIA Yachtversicherung. (You can find the direct links on the "Links"). Another factor that is important is that the companies certify ALL type of shipping. We offer you an insurance policy, whether you have a small Optimist or an Azimut 100 footer. We are limited not by Charter Business, private or commercial. Neither we think it is strange if you go away with a 5 meter sailboat, solo round the world. Again, you can trust that you get our watchful care over you. More so perhaps it should be mentioned that several of our larger companies on the home front to supply information to various authorities. This will never happen with us. Your insurance is a business betwee us and you, no one else. I wish I mention something about the word "personal service". Those in marketing so often abused word, but so important. Even when we discuss which insurance we will choose for you, we get to know each other a little. I prefer personal contact and dialogue, before a data base that spits out a moderately thoughtful insurance and impersonal offer. Let us take care of the tedious paperwork electronically, but the personal touch may never end up in the other room. If you have time I would talk away a couple of minutes on the coast and sea, I'm self-skippers and like you a passionate "recreational sailor." Then you should know that that night when everything went wrong, when you call me, so I know it's about hours and not days o weeks to settle your injury. Of course, we hope that both of you will never need our ser-vices, but if that day comes, you get a well-known voice on the other end that will assist you in the best possible way.